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of the WEEK!*

Woody Wodraska's flowform cascade at the B Bar Guest Ranch,
Emigrant, MT (Jennifer Greene made these flowforms)

(Read Woody's New article 
  Subtle Energies in a Montana Greenhouse 
 for more information about flowforms and the BD Preps!!

*Or Until A Better Picture is sent in!!

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Other Links

Angelic Organics (from the Chicago-area) has been very helpful in distributing information about starting and operating a CSA and about developing productive relationships with interns.

At Fragrant Farms (New Harmony, Indiana), Mark Trela is raising peonies and other cut flowers biodynamically in raised beds with BD compost and all the preps! (It may surprise you to know how many of the 'fresh flowers' at your local florist's were cut months ago in some distant part of the globe. Mark's fresh cut flowers, as well as his dried flower arrangments, are not only radiantly healthy, but they also contain no chemicals, neither from production nor preservation. Fragrant Farm's peony selection is offered here.)

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