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FoodplantDB--Native American food plants [browse | query]
ACEDB version: 4.0
Data version: July 1994
Stephen M. Beckstrom-Sternberg / sbeckstr@gig.usda.gov
James A. Duke / jimduke@cpcug.org
To cite this database:
Beckstrom-Sternberg, Stephen M., and James A. Duke. "The Foodplant Database." http://probe.nalusda.gov:8300/cgi-bin/browse/foodplantdb. (ACEDB version 4.0 - data version July 1994).

Original publication:

Yanovsky, Elias. 1936. Food Plants of the North American Indians. USDA Miscellaneous Publication Number 237.

This publication reviewed approximately 80 years of literature, back to around 1850, listing 1,112 species in 444 genera of plants among 120 families, used for food by the North American Indians.

Database History

This manuscript was transformed into preliminary database format in May 1993 by Judith duCellier, working in conjunction with James A. Duke of the National Germplasm Resources Lab (NGRL), Agricultural Research Service (ARS), USDA. It was subsequently put into ORACLE, a structured query language (SQL) database by Stephen Beckstrom-Sternberg, also of NGRL, in September 1993. The latest ACEDB version was constructed in May 1995 by Stephen Beckstrom-Sternberg, liberating it from the confines of SQL to a free-form web-browsable format.

An Apropos Review Article

Duke, James A. 1986. Foraging Items the Amerindians Did Not Eat. Coltsfoot 7(6):4-6.
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