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Title: About CIMMYT

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CIMMYT--Wheat International Nursery Data [browse | query]
ACEDB version: 4.0
Curator: Hector Sanchez / hsanchez@cimmyt.mx

As of August 1995, CIMMYT has made wheat data available via Internet connections to the server of the National Agricultural Library (NAL) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The data are now accessible via the object-oriented ACEDB database.

An alternative user interface, the International Wheat Information System (IWIS) Output Tool is currently functioning in-house and facilitates highly specific searches of all data that are linked to germplasm available from CIMMYT. These features will be distributed internationally on the first IWIS CD-ROM in 1996 and we are looking into the possibility to make them available on Internet at a later date.

CIMMYT is an internationally funded, nonprofit scientific research and training organization. Headquartered in Mexico, the Center is engaged in a worldwide research program for maize, wheat, and triticale, with emphasis on improving the productivity of agricultural resources in developing countries.

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