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Title: About PVP Soybean Varieties

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The following information was provided by the Plant Variety Protection office. If you have questions about the soybean varieties contact:

Jeff Strachan, Plant Variety Examiner
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Plant Variety Protection Office
Rm. 500, National Agriculture Library
10301 Baltimore Blvd.
Beltsville, Maryland 20705
TELEPHONE: 301-504-5489
FAX: 301-504-5291
Email: Jeffrey_L_Strachan@usda.gov


This database contains descriptions of soybean varieties from the Plant Variety Protection Office. Sources for this database include descriptions from: issued Plant Variety Protection certificates, National Soybean Variety Review Board applications, USDA variety release notices, Agricultural Experiment Station release notices, as well as pertinent public literature. Any descriptions from PVP applications that are in a category pending a decision have been omitted.

Last updated: 17 November 1994

List of Variables and Character States

PV Number
The unique identification number assigned to a variety when or if the breeder applies for a Plant Variety Protection Certificate.

Legal Status
Primarily indicates whether a PVP certificate has been applied for, and if so, which stage it is in. When there is more than one record listed for a single variety, the information has generally come from more than one source. When more information is desired, one should search for additional occurrences of the Experimental Designation. Any additional records will probably include an updated name.

Variety Name
Self explanatory.

Experimental Designation
Optional; when present, it is (was) the temporary name, number, etc., used by the owner/breeder assigned to the variety.

Date, time, etc., when the record was last updated.

Source of the information.

This is generally used to indicate the owner of the variety. Exceptions occur when the original owner has made arrangements for another company or individual to purchase the rights to the variety, or when ownership and legal rights have been transferred, and a Deed of Assignment filed with the PVPO.

Year Released
This is the year the variety was either sold, advertised for sale, or a description of the breeding process and pedigree published in sufficient detail so that another plant breeder could reproduce the variety starting from the original cross or genotype
The other variables should be self explanatory.
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