Eureka: Diatoms Nature's Marbles


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Eureka: Diatoms Nature's Marbles

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Eureka: Diatoms 'Nature's Marbles'

The diatom pages at Eureka will provide information for both the layman and the specialist; intensive search on the web via AltaVista and Yahoo did not list any pages on diatoms that go beyond the general biology: Our intention here is to cover all aspects of modern diatom research coupled with a show off of the beauty of these opaline gems.

Hans Schrader's specialty has been the study of diatoms in both the marine and freshwater environment- these pages will contribute to the beauty, use and scientific application of diatoms. Hans started to enjoy these little microscopic gems while his peers in high school were collecting stamps; he learned first hand from the late Albert Elger (workshop in Eutin, Schleswig Holstein, Germany) to mount these miniatures by hand and created beautiful microscopic slides a technique that has been lost and forgotten.

Each page will contain quite a number of thumbnail images that can be viewed at much greater resolution and color by double clicking on the images! We will also use diatom rendered back grounds on some pages: A reference to the species, magnification and graphic modification will be included on those pages towards the left hand bottom corner.

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