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General Homesteading Internet Sites

Last Updated: March 20, 1997

(Note: The Agriculture Internet Sites Page has MANY other farming-related links, so please look there as well!)

Accidental Farms

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center

Australian Farm Radio


Baker's Acres On Country Living


Bob Spear's Solutions for Everyday Living

Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development

The Centre for Sustainable Technology, Scottish Borders

City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes

Country Connections Journal

Country Journal

The Cyber-Farm

Designing A Sustainable Future

The Earth Centre

Earth Island

EcoDesign Resource Page

Ecological Farming Conference

Ecologically Sustainable Development in Australia


Electronic Tools for Community Sustainability

The "Farm" (no, not the one in TN)

The Farm (yes, the one in TN)

Farmer to Farmer

Farming Newsletters List


Farm Works

Farm Works Software

Florida Internet Center For Understanding Sustainability (FICUS)

Future Generations

Gentle Spirit Magazine

Good Earth Organic Farm

Groveland Farm

High Plains Journal - The Weekly Farm and Ranch Magazine for the Internet

Home of Not Just Cows

Homesteader's Connection

Homestead Mailing List Home Page

Homestead National Monument

Horseradish Farm

The Humboldt Sustainable Community Project

Imagine The Future Inc.

Jarlanbah Permaculture Hamlet

Jim Bell's Page for Farmers

Kingdom Creations National Patriot Advertiser

* Lehman's Non-Electric Hardware and Appliances Catalog

Little Colorado RC&D

Maplevale Farm

Misc.Rural Home Page

Mississippi State University Agricultural Extension Documents

Permaculture Pages

Permaculture Web Sites

Ranch & Rural Living

Ruralize Your Dreams--Gene GeRue's Homepage

Rural Resource Center

Rural Route 1, Internet

Sal Schettino's Organic Farm

Self Reliant Living Newsletter

Simple Living Press

Slate Mountain Press

Small Farm and Woodlot Page

The Small Farm Resource

Sources of Sustainability

Sustainable Development Dimensions

Sustainable Development Online

Texas Rural Communities, Inc


Timber Trails Farm

Tokyo's Urban Farms

TLR Farm links Ect.

Urban Ecology

Urban Habitat Program

U.S. Man & the Biosphere Program Home Page

Western Sydney Regional Organization of Councils Ltd.

WolfWeb Homesteading Page




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Last Updated: March 20, 1997