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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Mushroompeople On-Line Catalog

Welcome to Mushroompeople's on-line catalog for 1997.

Mushroompeople is North America's oldest mail order supply firm for specialty mushroom growers.

Mushroompeople guarantees its mushroom spawn to be
healthy and vigorous or your money back.

We became interested in mushrooms out of our concern for the global environment, and particularly the need for more forests to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and reverse global warming. But mushrooms also have a wide range of health and nutritional benefits.

In the Orient, they are also valued as an aphrodisiac.

Our 21st Year!

It is our goal to provide consistently high-yielding mushroom spawn, good advice, and reliable overnight service. While we have focused primarily on farmers who grow Lentinula (shiitake), we also offer:

We take VISA and MasterCard, and ship most items free of charge within 24 hours.
Overnight delivery is also available.

To request a printed a copy of our full catalog, or place an order, you can contact us at:



Int'l Voice/Fax: (int. code +) 615-964-2200
U.S. Fax: 1-800-MYCOFAX
Or write us at:
PO Box 220 / 560 Farm Rd.
Summertown TN 38483-0220

Here to See How to Grow Morels!

Hey, gimme one of those kits...?!?

A lot of people get started with a kit that comes in a plastic bag and consists of a pre-inoculated sawdust log or patch. We don't sell those. We don't think they are worth your time or money. You'd be better off buying mushrooms in the grocery store, usually for about half the price.

The shiitake starter kits we sell are pre-inoculated oak dowels that a grower hammers into hardwood logs. Consider the relative value. A typical kit from the Brand X catalog costs $20 to $30 and produces 1 pound of mushrooms in 2-3 weeks. That is $20 to 30 per pound. In most places gourmet organic mushrooms will be cheaper at the store.

A Mushroompeople starter kit costs $19 (we pay shipping!) and will inoculate 10 logs and produce its first crop in 4 to 6 months. Over 4 years, it will produce from 100 to 300 pounds of mushrooms. Less than $5 per pound!

How To Order

GUARANTEE: We guarantee our spawn is healthy and vigorous, capable of producing the strain you specified under the proper growing conditions. Since mushroom production from spawn depends on many factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee crop production. In the event of problems with any of our products, defective on receipt, we will gladly replace them, however, replacements must be authorized by us.

WHEN TO ORDER SHIITAKE SPAWN: To assure a full selection and timely delivery, it is best to order the shiitake spawn 3 to 4 months in advance of use. Small orders will usually be filled within 24 hours, as long as stocks last.

TELEPHONE ORDERS: Charges to MasterCard and VISA accounts are welcome. COD may be available, except on spawn, specialty soils or orders outside the continental U.S. Phone or Fax (1-800) FUNGI-96 (1-800-386-4496). Maybe you'd like to use our ORDER FORM.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Inquiries regarding orders, shipping, or billing should be directed to (615) 964-2200 between 10 AM and 5 PM weekdays. Please give your invoice number or date of sale when making inquiries.

SHIPMENT: We attempt to turn around all orders within 24 hours. We ship parcels by UPS whenever possible. Parcels may go Priority Mail to ensure fast delivery. Please provide both your street address and your post office box number (if you have one), and your telephone number. Shipping and handling is paid (unless price quoted is FOB Summertown) in continental U.S. only. Hawaii, Alaska, and foreign orders estimate 40% shipping and handling fee. There may be additional charges for heavy or foreign packages, depending on actual shipping costs. Freight is charged on all COD orders.

AVAILABILITY: Inventories are planned several months in advance to be more than adequate. Nonetheless because of the nature of producing live cultures, circumstances can and do change. With your permission, we will substitute a comparable strain, if available.

RETURNS: Merchandise (except for spawn) may be returned for credit only, less shipping and handling. No cash refunds.

RE-ISOLATION: Our products are sold for the purpose of producing mushrooms. Re-isolation or further propagation of any of our strains is prohibited without the express written consent of Mushroompeople.

PAYMENT: Remittance in the form of money order, credit card information (MasterCard and VISA accepted), or check should accompany all orders. As we are a cash business, credit card accounts will be charged when the order is placed, not when the goods are shipped. Personal checks may take 14 working days to clear. Foreign checks may take 60 days. Prices are subject to change without notice. All sales are final.

DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATIONS: Except as otherwise stated herein, Mushroompeople makes no representation or warranty of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, by operation of law or otherwise, and hereby expressly disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or any other warranty of any kind, including any implied warranty through course of dealing or usage. The sole and exclusive remedy against Mushroompeople shall be for replacement of defective product. All warranty terms and remedy limitations are embodied in this writing, irrespective of representations to the customer contained elsewhere. This writing constitutes the final expression of the parties agreement and is a complete statement of the terms of that agreement.

SALES TAX: All orders shipped to a Tennessee address carry the Tennessee Sales Tax of 8.0%.



Mushroompeople - Box 220
Summertown, TN 38483-0220
Order/Fax: 1-800-386-4495 (1-800 FUNGI-95)
Questions: 1-615-964-2200
email: mushroom@thefarm.org

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