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Title: Southern California Horticultural HomePage Rare Exotic Fruit Fragrant Flowering Trees Horticulture Palms Plants Tropicals Citrus Landscaping Landscape Garden Gardening Nuts

Southern California´s

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Mr. Tracy N. Turner

Award Winning Horticulturist Since 1974

Member Southern California Horticultural Society

Featured in LA Times on 7/14/97
Pasadena Weekly 9/25/97

La Canada Valley Beautiful Award        Duarte Beautification Award

Chosen As The WWW Virtual Library Horticulture Selection

For People Who Appreciate Beautiful Homes and Gardens,

My name is Tracy Turner, I've been doing business as a "skilled, talented Horticulturist" in the communities of: Alhambra, Altadena, Arcadia, Bradbury Estates, Duarte, Eagle Rock, Glendale, La Canada, La Crescenta, Monterey Park, Montrose, Monrovia, Pasadena, San Gabriel, San Marino, Sierra Madre, South Pasadena, Temple City, and Beach Cities of California for 23 years. My regular customers are people who take great pride in beautiful homes and gardens. I take great pride in making my customers gardens beautiful. Here are examples of what my customers have to say:

  • "Mr. Turner worked on our badly run-down garden in preparation for a wedding, the week of the wedding our home won "La Canada Valley Beautiful Award." - T.C., phone available by request.

  • "Mr. Turner repaired our garden sprinklers, Tilandsia and Bromeliads, Azaleas, which were damaged by previous gardeners.. My garden has many new additions, including the fragrances of Plumeria and Sambaguita con Popo, the Philippine National Flower. We also enjoy our Ecuadorian Sweet Cherries immensely." -E.M., phone available by request, resident of Arroyo Seco area, Pasadena.

  • "Tracy helped renovate and modify our landscape, repairing a professionally installed sprinkler system that never worked properly. Our home won the annual Duarte Beautification Award." -Dr. J. H., phone available by request. .

  • "Tracy Turner is a skilled, talented Horticulturist. In the last eight years he has pruned, planted, fed and manicured our garden into a thing of beauty admired by friends, neighbors, family and passersby alike." -Robert H., Pasadena, phone available by request.

  • Subjects on these pages will vary, but include Rare, Exotic, Unusual Fruiting and Flowering Trees, new plant introductions, English or Asian Landscape Design, Lawn Care, Herbs, Perennials, Rose Planting and Care, Cherry of the Rio Grande, etc. Interest in Rare, Exotic and Unusual Fruit, Nut, and Fragrant Flowering Trees is steadily growing in the US. This is partly due to a demand for something new and different, partly due to an influx of Ethnic Groups homesick for their country's fruits and vegetables. I regularly publish and update photos and garden articles. Thanks for taking time to read my letter. I hope you enjoy this Garden Web Site.

    Horticulture has been my life's work for almost 24 years. I hope browsing this site helps with your garden. The community I live in is famous for it's large Oak Trees, Rose Gardens and Beautiful Old Estates with exceptional landscapes. Pasadena, California is also a Mecca of great nurseries, nearby Botanical Gardens, and large, well-landscaped parks. The Baltic-Mediterannean Climate hosts a plethora of botanical plant species. Some of California's best trees grow here. If you like Horticulture, please book mark this page as there will be many new pages added. There is also a Garden Links Page with hyperlinks to other Garden Pages and Green Web Sites.

    Yours truly

    Tracy N. Turner

    *Guaranty one year on nursery stock and sprinklers, no ground cover or color items. Over or under-watering, natural disaster and mow, blow and go damage voids all warranties. Limited to replacement or repair.

    P.O. BOX 3157 SOUTH PASADENA, CA. 91031                 (818) 792-6025

    My regular customers are people who take tremendous pride in their homes and gardens. I take great pride in making their gardens extremely beautiful and interesting.

    Pricing: Available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

    Valuable Garden Beauty, Quality Workmanship and Plant Materials Guaranteed!

    Most of the plants on these pages are rare, exotic and not common landscape trade species. Plant species such as Suebelle Sapote, Sarawak Pumello, or Pitanga are very affordable to most, though not always available. Plant species such as Y"Lang Y"Lang, Nam doc Mai Mango, Canistel, etc., are much costlier and are only available part of the year. Some examples of pricing on currently available items: Capulin Cherries 15 gal. $125,  15 gal. Chico Sapote Graft (very large) $195,  15 gal. Hong Kong Pink Guavas $95,   5 gal Indonesian Guava $45,  Kohala Longan (15 gal., large) $195, 15 gal. Rose Apple $85,  5 gal. Sarawak Pumello $30,   Y"Lang Y"Lang 7 gal. (5 ft.) $150,   If interested, please call or e-mail for other prices and availablity.

    If you have a garden or internet resource site, send me your url to be listed in my links. I welcome comments and criticisms, as it helps to improve this sites informational quality.

    On a purely economical level, gardens are a real estate marvel. A well landscaped home with automatic sprinklers sells for 2-5‰ higher than average market value. A poorly landscaped home with sub-standard sprinklers sells for 8-12‰ less than fair market value. A survey of home buyers concluded that homes with many large, mature trees were perceived to have 17‰ higher prices than the actual prices. Homebuyers also tended to differentiate greatly between annual flowers temporarily stuffed in and real landscaping. Homes with poor landscaping sit on the auction block 18-24 months average, receiving low offers. Well landscaped homes usually sell within 6 months. Since most studies show a 17‰ price spread based on landscaping, multiply .17 times your homes appraised dollar value. Point seventeen times $300,000 or $1,300,000 equals you can afford to have a beautiful garden...

    I respond to e-mail questions of interest periodically in a Question & Answer Forum Page, but urge you to consult experts in your local community. Horticultural People tend to know their local areas soil and weather the best. I'm most familiar with Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties in California. If you e-mail garden questions to me, please tell me what town you live in. It gives me a clue to advise you to "keep lime in igloo next to fire this winter." Thanks for taking time to visit Southern California Horticultural Home Page.

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