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Subject: Environmental Web Site Needs YOUR Help!
Date: 22 Oct 1997 01:21:55 GMT

Towards Greener Pastures 10/21/97

Towards Greener Pastures is a new web site set up at

Last month we introduced our as site a clearing house for
information on the field of ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES. We hope to
impact the FUTURE by examing what works today by featuring
many effective environmental ideas being put forth as we enter 
the next millenium. Lastly, we will look at the FUTURE role of 
TECHNOLOGY and how it could positively improve the 
environmental health of the planet through the implementation
of planned city dwellings and other cutting edge ideas.


Last month we asked anyone interested to respond to the below
questions which we will build our site around.

The response was tremendous but we still need more to have a 
more diverse sampling of opinions. Thanks for your

----Start Survey----


We are writing to recruit your help for our new environmentally orientated web page called Towards  Greener Pastures. We are college students who are developing this page as our senior project and we fully intend to carry this page and our mission on afte
r our graduation.

Our web page is going to focus on several concepts - the first two being the ideas of sustainable development and environmental justice. These two terms are loosely defined within the environmental movement and we want to include definitions of them as a 
centerpiece of our web site. We hope to receive  responses from people involved in the environmental movement. We will then distill and summarize the terms "sustainable development" and "environmental justice" so our readers have a greater understanding o
f the concepts.

We also hope to point out ways in which those seeking college degrees in the environmental field can hope to advance their career and utilize their skills for the movement.

If you can answer any or all of the following questions it would be greatly appreciated and all or part of your comments may appear on our web site in the very near future.

Question #01: 
Please define your concept of  "sustainable development" and what methods is your organization employing to achieve this? 

Question #02:
Please define your concept of  "environmental justice"?

Question #03:
What are the key issues your group is currently working on?

Question #04:
What are your opinions of the national environmental organizations? Do you find them a help or a hindrance?

Question #05:
In your opinion, what employment opportunities exist or are up and coming for those individuals seeking degrees in environmental sciences and studies programs?

Lastly, we are going to review and provide hyper links to several web pages in the coming months. If you would like your web page to be reviewed please let us know as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Richard and Laura Lynch
Towards Greener Pastures

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