INQUIRY: Public S.A. Programs

Hullo, Friends.  Many moons ago, I posted an inquiry about publicly funded
sustainable agriculture programs that exist around the U.S.)  I received
replies from and about programs in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and New Mexico,
but I *know* there are more.  Here's what I am trying to find out...
  --where they are
>--how they came to be created
>--their mandate
>--what they can and do do

If you can point me to sources of information about sustainable agriculture
programs in other states, please send an e-mail directly back to me at
moynihaj@msue.msu.edu. (If you just hit "reply", the whole list will likely
receive your message.)  Thanks.

Meg Moynihan

p.s.  To those of you who e-mailed asking me to share my findings:  I
haven't forgotten you -- just haven't yet found all there is to find!  

p.p.s.  GO PACKERS!

J.M. (Meg) Moynihan

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