Re: Local food systems


Bill Vorley at Iowa State Leopold Center (wtvorley@iastate.edu) has designed
a project to investigate just what you are after.  I'm not sure if his
project is funded and ongoing.  Good luck: you're on an important path.


At 09:46 AM 1/22/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Discussions on this list often focus on negative conditions in the ecosystem 
>and in our culture. And, certainly, there are many of those situations to 
>discuss. I would like to focus on strategies for building community food 
>systems that support local and regional growers, strengthen rural economies, 
>and, probably most importantly, provide urban residents access to fresh, 
>minimally processed food. Although, local processing and packaging is an 
>important consideration in building community food systems.
>These goals are an important part of our strategy to build sustainable 
>systems in Indiana. We are always looking for more information on what 
>others are doing and what literature sources are available. We would like to 
>build more market infrastructure (increase the effectiveness of farmers' 
>markets, establish wholesale markets and marketing pools, etc.) in our quest 
>to boost the sustainability of family style farming. Another facet of our 
>strategy is to involve cooperative extension in this process.
>Any contributions (real examples and literature citations) would be 
>appreciated. I'll accept philosophical considerations only if you will agree 
>to receive two shovelfuls or each one you toss. 
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