Looking for job search resources

Dear list members,

I will be finishing up my PhD in a few months and am trying to locate
resources (e.g. web pages, newsletters, mailing lists) that have job
postings.  I will be getting my PhD in Agronomy and Soil Science and
am interested in jobs in the areas of agriculture and natural resource 
management, environmental agriculture, and/or sustainable agriculture -
sustainable land use.

I am potentially interested in academic, NGO and government jobs and
also interested in possibilities for work abroad if the right opportunity
is available.  I have worked extensively in the Philippines (Peace Corps 
and since then) and also for a short time in Latin America.  

I would appreciate any suggestions.  I suggest that people  mail
specifics directly to me and I will compile them and make one general
information file to send to the list.

Thanks for your help.


Michael Robotham		Email:	mikerobo@hawaii.edu 
Dept. of Ag & Soil Science      Phone:  (808) 956-6936  
University of Hawaii--Manoa		(808) 956-7530
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