Re: small scale ethanol production

Not entirely true.  India has been using biogas for years and the US is
just starting to come on board.  Look at the US EPA web page and go into
the AgStar Program for information on modern workable biogas systems.  

Fuel alcohol will be more expensive than the petrol that it replaces
because of subsidies to the petroleum industry (oil depletion allowance)
and economies of scale in the production of oil products.  Commercial
alcohol is subsidized by special tax incentives and the sale of CO2 gas as
a by-product.  ADM has this game tightly controlled.  So while there are
plans for small ETOH plants, they are not economically useful under current
tax law.  

Best bet is to sell your barley, oats, and fire wood on the open market and
buy liquid fuel.

Tom Abeles <tabeles@tmn.com> wrote in article
> Rick
> you are 25 years too late. The Myth of the existance of an energy and
> economically efficient "small scale" FUEL alcohol facility died about
> after a very short but expensive life. Now if you want to put your
> in a jug- well, I'm from Kentucky and that's another story <grin>.
> The same holds for on farm biogas plants and the rest of the on farm
> alternative energy materials- One thing the fed does is produce a lot of
> reports with lottsa information. So a stop at your local government
> docvuments depot and then to your local purveyor of quality brubon and
> should stay toasty warm and informed for the rest of the winter
> cheers
> tom abeles
> On Tue, 31 Dec 1996, Rick Lubrick wrote:
> > I am looking for information on the purchase or plans to build a one-
> > man, on-farm ethanol distillery and any technical literature on
> > its production.  I would be using oats or barley with wood heat as the
> > energy source.  Maybe you can help.
> >