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>Dan, thanks for the many interesting ideas.
>Actually, I was talking to a biodynamic market gardener yesterday.  He said
>that the ckickens are great to fertilise the soil, but do massive damage to
>the soil structure.  They tend to compact the soil, they dig up the roots,
>He demonstrated the difference between his improved/improving soil and some
>other soil that had not been aerated and treated with the various biodynamic
>compounds (some of which do sound a bit far-fetched to me).  
>Anyway, the proof was there in the obviously different soil, the low number
>of pests,  and the quality of the produce.  
>a) has anybody had any experience with permaculture-method market gardening,
>b) any comments on the above.

I am not an idiot.  Obiously if I say it works I've got the experience to
back it up.  

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