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>Population redistribution could definitely be ugly, and probably will be,
>but I prefer to hope and work for something different.
>Regards to all,
>  Greg Jarrett     gregj9@intellinet.com

If you keep the city folks in the city, when the shit hits the fan, the city
folks die.  If  you move them to the country, when the shit hits the fan,
everyone dies.  Fortunatley, you couldn't get the city people out of the city
at gunpoint, so you are just wasting your time, not also threatening the rest
of us.  the manure is in the air and closing fast on those whirling blades.
 I'm more concerned with helping people who want to be self-relaint, and have
some chance of pulling through the decades ahead, than pissing away my
effectiveness trying to save everyone.  

Kirk still lives in NYC.  He hasn't followed his own recipe for salvation.
 If he won't go, who will?  

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