Re: Organic greenhouse tomato growing.

<<We are developing a greenhouse organic tomato growing project and
would like to receive information about it, as well as suggestions
like where we could find information in the web, etc.>>

One of the key problems with greenhouse production is pollination.  For
tomatoes, which are self-fertile (but NOT self pollinating - at least not
enough to make a good crop), you can purchase electric vibrators called
"Electric Bees"  These are labor intensive, and do cause some plant

   More and more greenhouse growers are replacing these with real bees --
bumblebees.  There are a number of companies that supply the colonies of
30 to 100 bees.  They are expensive, and they only last three or four
weeks before replacements are needed.  But they have proven highly cost

   Honeybees are used in greenhouses for strawberries and some other
crops.  But they require a knowledgeable beekeeper and frequent
care/replacement - not a job for amateurs.   Honeybees are not reliable
for tomatoes.

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