Re: Starting an organic garden


Well, we all know that an organic garden is labor intensive, especially
during the initial years of improving soils, improving your experience etc.

We all know there are many , many books on the subject, but very few talk
about commercial size operations, specifics and details because they do vary
so much according to your climate local soils, local preferences, personal
preferences etc.

Since I'm not originally from the south I'm looking to get feedback on
southern tastes, and preferences, and varities of common and not so common
varieties that will hopefully grow well and sell well in my local area.

I need to gather advice on what plants I would be better off buying as plugs
to be transplanted( perhaps all if possible).

I'd like to know what are your favorite varieties of such fruits and
vegetables fadapted to zone 7.

Does any one know if there's a southern, South carolina organic farmers

Again any help, and advice would be most appreciated.Your comments based upon
your actual experiences will hopefully enable me to refine my plan, and
posssibly avoid mistakes by buying popular varities that don't work well, or
don't taste as well in my area.

I've gotten a good deal of help from extension, but their varietal selection
is a few years old , and is based upon a very different set of commercial
expectations.  Thanks again. frank