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>Hey Dan, Didn't you use to live in the city? Your high White horse has

Yes.  And before that I lived in the country.  And before that the city, and
Before that the country.  I was born in the city of Worcester, Massachusetts,
USA, in 1939 if that helps you develop an ad hominum argument a little

As you know perfectly well, I did not advocate that people should be
imprisoned in cities, but that we do not advocate wholesale redistribution.
 Look at the mess created in the USA when the hippie anti-ware folks in the
late 60s early 70s figured that since the war was over they would go and
start free communes in the country.  I think a GM assembly plant would  not
do as much damage as they did.  Then they lamented that the rural people did
not like them.  At that point I didn't like them and they were my friends.
 The issue is to avoid spreading people who will not accept the constraints
of nature and think that cheating on natural law is something like cheating
on their income taxes.  

I've sent an extensive private reply to cinecism because this tread is
getting weird and I'm not going to contribute to its continuance.  I've
always been willing to go to cities and teach urban permaculture and I've
learned to minimize expectations and just do my best wherever I am.  I'd like
to learn to eliminate expectations, but I'm far from there yet.  If I hadn't
taught and lived in cities, you would just attack my view because I lacked
those credentials.  Give it up.  People will stay in cities whether we agree
that they should or shouldn't or continue to disagree. I'd rather discuss
what is possible in cities with city people who want to do something.

Anyone who wants to see my email to cinecism (well named) should email me
privately.  I'm not interested in continuing sophmoric discussions.

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