Re: Like new used tractors

In <32F29BB5.2745@greenepa.net> Jed <jedpa@greenepa.net> writes: 
>Roger Loving wrote:
>> >> So where do they get their tractors from?
>>     According to the home page they import them as used tractors
>> Japan!
>>                                     Roger
>Well, you guys must have spooked them, because when I hit on their
>link just now, I got....
>		  http://www.pagebiz.com/ok/
>	this page is no longer being maintained
>	~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Try : http://www.bluenet.net/tractorsok/

        I was just there and they have more tractors today than before.

    Although when I started to add up the tractor plus implements, I
keep coming up with prices that are very similar to what I see in the 
Sunday paper every week. The advantage -I guess- is that you don't have
to lay out all the money at once... 
                                            Roger Loving