Bee Pollinated crop ALERT - MI

Please take the time to write and/or call and/or e-mail the
following people at MSU.  Also please forward this to other beekeepers that
you have e-mail addresses for (MI beekeepers particularly or those that
pollinate in MI).  Also please forward it to any  growers and grower groups
in MI that you have contact with.  Dr. Hoopingarner's position at MSU is
still not scheduled to be filled.  He retires in June or July 1997 - this
year - we need to put some friendly but SERIOUS heat on the folks that are
directly involved in determining if MSU eliminates the Apiculture
Specialist position.  I inquired directly with Hoopingarner about who to
put pressure on and have enclosed his reply below.  

Do you know of any Grower newsgroups this could be posted on as well?

Thanks, Jack

Jack:   The apiculture position MAY be filled with a specialist.  It hasn't
happened yet and, in fact, the Department doesn't even have approval to do
that at the moment.  If you want to put pressure on various people, the
following are the leaders in Agriculture.

     Dr. Fred Poston, Vice Provost and Dean
     College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
     102 Agriculture Hall
     Michigan State University
     East Lansing, MI 48824
     e-mail poston@pilot.msu.edu

     Dr. J. Ian Gray, Director
     Agricultual Experiment Station
     109 Agriculture Hall
      Michigan State University
     East Lansing, MI 48824
     (I got e-mail returned w/
fatal errors when trying to send to this one but it is the address sent me
by Hoopingarner) e-mail grayians@pilot.msu.edu  

     Dr. Arlen G. Leholm, Director
     MSU Extension Service
     108 Agriculture Hall
     Michigan State University
     East Lansing, MI 48824
     e-mail leholm@msue.msu.edu

This ends Dr. Hoopingarners reply on this subject.
This is important to beekeepers and those that raise bee pollinated crops. 
We are a small but important group.  WE are going to have to be a BEE IN
THEIR BONNET if we are going to succeed in getting MSU to fill Dr.
Hoopingarner's position because the university has arranged things so the
financial incentive to the department is to cut out the position.  Keep
after this until these folks know you on a first name basis - better yet
until they put you on their Christmas Card list.  Thanks for your help.

Jack & Susan Griffes
Country Jack's Honeybee Farm
Ottawa Lake, MI 49267
e-mail   Griffes@ix.netcom.com
Web page  http://www2.netcom.com/~griffes/