Hemp Plantation

Low THC content hemp is an accepted agricultural crop. Its uses are
infinite  - from extra strength fibre to paper to clothing.

For the first time on the net you have the option of becoming a
shareholder in a legal hemp plantation in South Africa.

The objective of this message is to attract shareholders to
participate in a fully interactive real company with real assets. 

The object of the company is to use shareholders money to acquire
tracts of land in S.Africa (where the hemp plant prospers) and
cultivate a plantation.

The legal, low toxic hemp plant will then initially be sold to wiiling
buyers who have a necessity for the fibre. With a view to growing the
company into a refiner and producer of hemp by-products.

All shareholders will be able to spend time on the plantation for
free. This is a perk to you, the shareholder. The plantation is
envisaged to be located in the Transkei where the climate is cool
sub-tropical and the land is cheap. Furthemore, as a prerequisite, the
plantation will be situated on the coast for the benefit of visiting

I envisage growth of 60% - 100% per annum over the next 7 years.

The structure of the company will be fully democratic. All
resolutions, propositions and decisions will be e-mailed to you for
your vote. Your say in the day to day running of the company will be
large (you may abstain from participation - this is your choice).

Each share will contain 1 voting right. Shares are denominated in $10
per share (or equivalent local currency). You need only own 1 share to
stay on the plantation for free. You can subscribe for one or more

The amount of capital we are raising is $100,000. This is considered
adequate to acquire a plantation due to the recent devaluation of the
Rand. At present, we have raised $18310.

If you would like to subscribe for shares you can send $10 / equvalent
in local currency (or more if more shares required) to :

Hemp PLantation Trust
c/o Mr g.Fox  - Accountant
P.O.Box 29238
Johannesburg 2131
South Africa

On receipt we will send you a share certificate. Make sure to include
a contact e-mail address in order to play an active role in your

If you are presently a shareholder, our next vote will be on a Company
name. You will be e-mailed with details.

I am of the opinion that if you have enough faith to send money, the
least I can do is be of utmost integrity and honesty in return.

E-mail me with any questions.

Please forward this message to anybody who you think would be
interested in participating.
Thank you.