Re: Like new used tractors

 I called and spoke with one of the owners to mention that I
could not access the page. He said that it was up and running
and that he himself had just looked at that morning. When I
mentioned that I could get to "pagebiz.com/" he said, "Oh, that
guy wants me to pay him money, so I changed to a different
server"!! Well, after he gave me the new URL, I was able to go
and visit the site myself. So, here it folks:


See if that works for you...


==========Jed, 1/31/97==========

Roger Loving wrote:
> In <32ED9C60.4841@injersey.com> Rob Gray <alpha@injersey.com> writes:
> >
> >Maybe they fix 'em up!!
> >
> >Oz wrote:
> >>
> >> >       http://www.pagebiz.com/ok/
> >>
> >> So where do they get their tractors from?
>     According to the home page they import them as used tractors from
> Japan!
>                                     Roger

Well, you guys must have spooked them, because when I hit on their
link just now, I got....

     this page is no longer being maintained

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