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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 97 15:42:00 PST
From: Cogen, Rachael <COGEN@care.org>
Subject: OPEN CARE Positions.

Please post post/circulate positions.  Thank you very much for your 

PROJECT COORDINATOR, ICDP - Masoala, Madagascar.
The PC is responsible for the implementation of the project on the Masoala 
Peninsula.  The Masoala Integrated Conservation and Development Project is a 
challenging initiative.  The objective of the project is the promotion of 
adequate social and economic development initiatives which would permit the 
creation and maintenance of a well managed and biologically and economically 
viable system of terrestrial and marine parks and the sustainable use of the 
forest and marine ecosystems.  Qualifications: Fluency in French, extensive 
project management experience and the ability to develop a long term view 
and strategies for development activities, and MSc in agriculture, natural 
resource management, environmental sciences, rural development or a related 
subject, good analytical capacity and management skills.  Send resumes to 
Rachael Cogen, c/o CARE, 151 Ellis Street, Atlanta, GA 30303

Oversee implementation of Project Activities in the Province of assignment. 
 Work with the LEAP Coordinator, GOA counterparts and project staff to 
develop  detailed implementation plans and timeliness.  Oversee 
implementation of FARMER, UPGRADE, and EPP activities to ensure that they 
are on schedule and of high quality.  Work with the Food Unit in Luanda to 
ensure timely arrival, proper storage and proper accounting for all PL480 
and non-food project inputs.  Design and carry out training program for GOA 
and project agricultural extensionists.  Monitor training activities and 
impact at farmer level, to ensure that extension activities are appropriate 
and properly delivered.  Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in agriculture or 
related subject, at least three years of international development 
experience in projects with agricultural extension component, demonstrated 
project management skills, fluency in Portuguese or Spanish.  Send resumes 
to Rachael Cogen, c/o CARE, 151 Ellis Street, Atlanta, GA 30303.

The APA has responsibility to provide technical assistance and guidance for 
the development of the overall strategy and implementation plan for CARE 
Angola's agriculture project (FARMER).  The APA will be instrumental in 
designing the training program for the project extensionists and working 
with the regional Agronomists to assure that the project meets technical 
objectives and is on track.  The APA will also have responsibility to 
provide technical assistance and guidance to the Information Unit with the 
respect to collection and management of information relating to agricultural 
indicators (mid-crop assessment, post harvest assessment, rainfall data, 
market surveys).
Qualifications:  Master's degree in agronomy, solid knowledge of farming 
economies, farmer associations, community development and livelihood 
security issues and management of information.  Minimum of 5 years 
experience working in a lesser developed country, preferably Africa, in a 
management of advisory position relating to agriculture projects.  Practical 
training experience, knowledge of nutrition issues as they relate to food 
security helpful, Fluency in Spanish or Portuguese.  Send resumes to: 
Rachael Cogen, c/o CARE, 151 Ellis Street, Atlanta, GA, 30303.

Work with CARE staff to develop detailed implementation plans and 
timeliness, oversee provincial planning activities to ensure participation 
and agreement of Government of Angola staff, ensure implementation of 
FARMER, UPGRADE, and EPP activities, assist Agronomists in preparing 
training plans and syllabi for extensionists and other project and GOA 
staff, review monthly budget reports.  Ensure project management staff 
improve their capabilities to effectively manage projects through review of 
their individual operating plans.  Qualifications:  Master's degree in 
agriculture or related field, at least five years international development 
experience, three of which as project manager level or higher.  Experience 
in designing and implementing extension programs in developing countries, 
knowledge of Portuguese or Spanish, willingness to travel up to 50% of the 
time visiting project areas.  Send resumes to : Rachael Cogen, c/o CARE, 151 
Ellis Street, Atlanta, GA 30303.