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i find the correspondence on buckwheat very interesting.  could you
please enlighten a rookie who is just starting out on a farm in sw

1) can the seed be broadcast on land which alreday has turf on it or are
you talking of bare earth
2) what function does the light covering of straw fulfil?  Can one use
other organic material such as dry bracken, leaves?

the land i have in mind is about one acre, has not been worked for about
40 years, except for occasional grtazing by sheep up to ten yeasrs ago.
otherwise has just been cut for hay. has a few old apple, plum trees in
it and the soil is sandy, acidic, climate temperate. my intention is to
develop it into a forest garden and had been thinking of sending in a
couple of pigs and chickens to loosen it up but maybe buckwheat is a
better alternative...?