Re: Buckwheat

Western Pa. was once the Buckwheat capital of the World (no kidding). In
fact, the traditional name of city people for us old settler country folk
was "Buckwheats".
I generally plant it like oats, but if the turf cover is not too thick,
you could try discing and planting, then discing again. You also may want
to try frost seeding-I have never done this with Buckwheat, but it is the
most hardy grain crop I know of.
Your chickens will love the heads, and will harvest the crop for you. Here
in Pa. I have planted as late as the third week in July and harvested a
full crop. Two local mills buy the seed for pancake flour, and if there is
a mill near you, they are  often very anxious for decent, clean seed. Hope
this helps.