Re: Tagasaste advice needed

The information that I have read says it is hardy down to -10 degrees C,
which I believe is 14 degrees F.  It very rarely gets that cold around
here, so maybe it could survive in a good location.  I may be disappointed
to find them all dead after a severe winter, but I think I'll give it a
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> The only Tagasaste (Tree Lucern) I have seen growing has been in warm
> areas, unless your variety
> is a lot different it will not tolerate any frost at all.
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> 1/16/97
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> This area of North Carolina may be too cold for the
> > plants to survive a severe winter, but I like to experiment so I thought
> > I'd give it a try.  Maybe if I grow it in a protected spot, it will do
> > okay.  I imagine there are quite a few other plants that could be used
> for
> > browsing animals, so I'd like to learn about other options.  
> > Dan
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