grass-fed beef marketing information co-op

all sanet-mg subscribers:

My name is Monica Young and I am the coordinator for an information 
co-op on marketing grass-fed beef.  The purpose of co-op is to build 
the vision and skills of farmers/ranchers to develop alternative 
markets that reward them for being better environmental stewards fo 
the land.
My job includes selecting participants for 6 teleconference calls 
that will be held over a 2 year period of time.  We will be using 
conference calls because not everyone has access to a computer. I am 
searching for folks who are at all levels of marketing grass-fed beef-
-beginning, intermediate, and advanced.  At least 1 participant will 
be identified as a "mentoring" farmer/rancher with advanced marketing 
experience.  Opportunities will be given to include non-
farmers/ranchers with specific expertise that would benefit 
participants.  I will also organize one field visit to build mentor 
and apprentice relationships to advance cooperative learning in 
marketing.  The outcomes will be completed by December 1, 1998.
If you are interested in being a participant in the co-op, please 
send, by e-mail or mail, your name, address, phone number and an auto-
biographical paragraph about you or your group.

Monica Young:  I am an associate member of Tallgrass Prairie 
Producers Co-op (TPPC) which is a marketing co-op of 10 family 
ranchers in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  I received my B.S. in Animal 
Science from Iowa State University, then came to Kansas to manage 
Homestead Ranch.  Thus, began my relationship with TPPC.  Last year, 
I compiled a literature review on grass-fed beef production for the 
group.  I am currently the office professional in the Chase County 
Extension Office.  I am a firm believer in sustainable agriculture 
and in preserving our Mother Earth.
As I am the information co-op coordinator, there will be at least one 
other member of TPPC participating in the marketing information co-
op.  I believe TPPC is in the intermediate phase of marketing 
experience.  We have been marketing beef since the fall of 1995.

Thank you for your time!  I look forward to hearing from you!
Monica Young
Rt 1 Box 39A
Cottonwood Falls,  KS   66845