CALENDAR of EVENTS -- All Short Notice!

	Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC)
	February 21, 1997

Sponsored by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)

Special Note: This edition contains only additions to the January 7 
CALENDAR.  Most of the events occur within about 1 month of today.  

If you would like us to include your events, please send the event name, 
place, contact, and sponsor, to Alternative Farming Systems Information 
Center, ATTN: SAN Calendar, Room 304, National Agricultural Library, 
10301 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705-2351.  FAX (301) 504-6409; 
Internet: san@nal.usda.gov

February 28 - March 1, 1997
*Event:		Farm Direct Marketing Conference
Place:		Cavanaugh's at Yakima Convention Center
Contact:	Pacific Northwest Farm Direct Marketing Assoc. (509) 547-5538
Sponsor:	PNWDMA. Trade Show opens February 27.

February 28, 1997 (and additional dates)
*Event:		Community Food Security Coalition Workshops
Sponsor:	Community Food Security Coalition

Feb 28: Washington, DC	Contact: Zy Weinberg, Public Voice  202-371-1840
March 6: Austin, TX	Contact: Kate Fitzgerald, Sustainable Food Ctr,
March 8: Loveland, CO 	( part of Western SAWG conference- 1/2 day)
			Contact: John Fawcett-Long, WSAWG, 206-935-8738
March 10: Portland, OR 	( co-sponsored with World Hunger Year)
			Contact: Deb Lippoldt, Oregon Food Bank, 503-282-0555
March 15: Hartford, CT 	( part of NE Regional Food Conference, 1/2 day)
			Contact: Mark Winne, Hartford Food System, 
March 18: East Troy, WI	Contact: Gail Kahovic, Michael Fields Ag. Inst.,
March 21: Los Angeles, CA Contact: Michelle Mascarenhas, LACFSN, 310-450-6897

March 1-2, 1997
*Event:		Soul and Soil - Feeding Field and Communities
Place:		O.S.U./A.T.I., Wooster, Ohio
Contact:	OEFFA Conference, P.O. Box 82234, Columbus, Ohio
Sponsor:	Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association
March 4, 1997
*Event:		Future Trends in Animal Agriculture.  
		Conflict Resolution in Agricultural Issues: Working to 
		Reconcile Differences
Place:		Regal University Hotel, Durham, North Carolina
Contact:	David Brubaker, 717-733-2238; FAX 717-627-1847; 
		E-mail: dbrubak@aol.com
Sponsor:	Future Trends, 145 S. Spruce Street, Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543

March 5, 1997 and additional dates
*Event:		Sustainable Agriculture Production Techniques Conference Series
Place:		Visalia, California, March 5; Selma, California, April 9;
		Modesto, California, April 10; Escondida, California, May 8;
		Encinitas, California, May 9; Santa Cruz, California TBA
		Hopland, California, June 19; 
Contact:	Committee for Sustainable Agriculture, 
		408-763-2111, FAX 408-763-2112

March 5-6, 1997
*Event:		21st Century Agriculture -- Creating a Sustainable Future
Place:		Aberdeen, SD
Contact:	Tom Hanson at 701-857-7679 (fax 701-857-7676) 
		or Sue Retka Schill at 701-256-2424 (fax 701-256-2455)
Sponsor:	North Dakota State University; South Dakota State University;
		Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society; 
		North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and 
		Education (SARE) Program

March 7-8, 1997
*Event:		Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference
Place:		Sinsinawa, WI
Contact:	Upper Midwest Conference line: (715) 772-6819
Sponsor:	Many, many great organizations

March 12-14, 1997
*Event:		Farm Women's Symposium
Place:		Bellaire, MI
Contact:	Rebecca Finneran (616) 336-3282
		Dawn Geers (616) 675-7713
Sponsor:	Michigan State University

April 2 - 9, 1997   NOTE: Date changed from March 2- 9, 1997
*Event:		Ranching for Profit School
Place:		Kerrville, Texas
Contact:	Elaine Kelly 505-898-7417 or 505-821-4214
		Ranch Management Consultants
		7719 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107
Sponsor:	Ranch Management Consultants

Andy Clark, Ph.D.
SAN Coordinator
c/o AFSIC, Room 304
National Agricultural Library
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