Group Confusion

There are many national/international groups devoted to promoting
sustainable ag and family farming. In addition to the regional Sustainable
Ag Working Groups (SAWGs), I'm aware of:

- Consortium for Sustainable Ag Research and Education (headed by Elizabeth
Bird at U. of Wisconsin, publishes monthly "Consortium News")

- National Campaign for Sustainable Ag (headed by Amy Little and Liana
Hoodes, headquartered in Pine Bush, NY)

- CFSA (I'm unclear on this one - at first I thought this was same as above,
but a Dec. 31, 1996 sanet-mg posting from Laura Lauffer shows a Pittsboro,
NC address)

- Campaign for Family Farms and the Environment (don't know about this one;
it was mentioned in a Feb. 16, 1997 sanet-mg posting from Brian DeVore about
groups being watched by the National Pork Producers Council)

- Center for Rural Affairs (Walthill, NE; this one I'm very familiar with;
while it also deals with issues not directly related to agriculture such as
school consolidation and taxes, a major focus is sustainable ag/family farms)

- World Sustainable Ag Association (Patrick Madden, President; West
Hollywood, CA)

I'm sure there are others, including those devoted to promoting organic
agriculture such as the Organic Farming Research Foundation. Is there a
comprehensive list of such non-profit organizations with brief descriptions
(missions, services, founding dates, leaders, and addresses) so we can tell
them apart? Do they work together to achieve common goals, particularly in
the national policy arena? Any light-shedding would be appreciated.
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