Info Request on Farmer-Led Watershed Initiatives

I am looking for information on watershed initiatives that are primarily
farmer-led and organized.  In particular, I'd like to know:

	- How did the initiative originate?
	- What were/are the environmental/agricultural challenges faced?
	- What are the specific goals of the initiative?
	- Who is involved (partners/collaborators) and how was this
	- What sources of funding are used for the initiative?
	- What are the initiatives accomplishments/successes?
	- What methods were/are used to achieve these successes?

Any help (info/contacts/etc.) would be greatly appreciated.



Jim Kleinschmit					 	  phone: 612-870-0453
Watershed Program Associate			   direct phone: 612-870-3421
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)	    fax: 612-870-4846
2105 1st Avenue South					  email: water@mtn.org
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA       NEW EMAIL ADDRESS:jkleinschmit@iatp.org
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