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Resource Pointer #118

March 6, 1997

For copies of the following resources, please contact 
the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.


*Linking Science and Technology to Society's 
Environmental Goals, 1996.* National Research Council. 
Evaluates how science and technology can help advance 
environmental goals. Examines several broad 
environmental issues, including risk assessment, 
environmental monitoring and chemical contamination. 
Makes recommendations for improving monitoring of 
environmental conditions and using technology to achieve 
environmental objectives. 530 pp. US$69.95. (Contact 
National Academy Press for ordering outside U.S.). 
National Academy Press, 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW, 
Lockbox 285, Washington, DC 20055; phone toll free (800) 
624-6242 or (202) 334-3313; fax (202) 334-2451; 

*ISO 14001: International Environmental Management 
Systems Standards -- Five Key Questions for Developing 
Country Officials, 1996.* UN Conference on Trade and 
Development. Discusses how developing country officials 
perceive legal, political and economic ramifications of 
ISO 14001, a voluntary system of environmental standards 
for businesses developed by the International 
Organization for Standardization (ISO). 127 pp. US$20 
for NGOs; US$30 for others. Benchmark Environmental 
Consulting, 49 Dartmouth Street, Portland, ME 04101; 
phone (207) 775-9078; fax (207) 772-3539; email 

*ISO 14001: An Uncommon Perspective, 1996.* Benchmark 
Environmental Consulting. Examines ISO 14001, stressing 
that it is not a standard for achieving environmental or 
social objectives. Describes how ISO 14001 does not 
necessarily advance environmental improvement or public 
participation. Provides brief overview of ISO standards. 
27 pp. US$15 for NGOs; US$20 for others. Benchmark 
Environmental Consulting (see above).

*Engaging Stakeholders: The Benchmark Survey (Volume 1), 
1996.* SustainAbility and UN Environment Programme 
(UNEP). Examines recent developments in company 
environmental reporting from report-makers' perspective. 
The company environmental report (CER) program is a 
voluntary system intended to improve environmental 
conditions by facilitating information flow from 
companies to stakeholders. Provides contact information 
for accessing CERs from range of companies including 
DuPont, ICI and Monsanto. UK$80 for Volumes 1 and 2. 
SustainAbility, 49-53 Kensington High Street, London, W8 
5ED, England; phone (44 171) 937-9996; fax (44 171) 937-
7447; email info@sustainability.co.uk.

*Engaging Stakeholders: The Case Studies (Volume 2), 
1996.* SustainAbility and UN Environment Programme 
(UNEP). Examines company environmental reports (CERs) 
from perspective of report-users. Includes case studies 
that examine usefulness of CERs to 12 stakeholders, 
including Greenpeace, the Danish Environmental 
Protection Agency, the Stock Exchange of Thailand and 
other organizations. UK$80 for Volumes 1 and 2. 
SustainAbility (see above).

We encourage those interested in having resources listed 
in the Online Resource Pointer to send review copies of 
publications, videos or other sources to our office 
(address listed below) or to contact Information Program 
Associate Adam Kirshner for further information.  

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