CSA Database (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 16:36:23 EST
From: woodyw@juno.com
To: sustag@beta.tricity.wsu.edu
Subject: CSA Database

With the proliferation of Community Supported Agriculture projects in
North America, I'm wondering if the database kindly maintained by the
Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association is having trouble keeping
up to date. If you operate a CSA and want to know if the current contact
information is correct, you  will want to call BDFGA  at 800-516-7797 to
see.Likewise if you want to locate a CSA in your area.

Woody Wodraska -Seeking Common Ground 
CSA, Honeoye Falls, NY
"There is no scarcity abiding in Nature;
any scarcity we see is our own doing."