Direct Sales Farm Map

OK, it is evident from the messages I have been getting in response to my
posting regarding writing a "Guide to Writing A Direct Sales Farm Map" that
I have not made myself clear.  So let me try again.

First, a Direct Sales Farm Map is a buyers' guide to direct sales farms
within a given area.  Direct sales farms are farms which sell their product
directly to the consumer at the farm.  Sales generally take place via farm
stands, u-pick, we-pick you pick-up, or by pre-arranged sales (lambs for
example).  We constuct our Direct Sales Farm Maps by county because
counties have easily defined borders.  We have a good but not too detailed
geographical map of the county showing minor and major roads as well as
rivers, lakes, etc..  We overlay numbers on this indicating the location of
each farm on the map.  On the back side of the map is a numbered listing of
the farms, listing the products they sell and seasonality, when they are
open for business, and their street location.

Second, what we are now writing is a guide to creating, from step one, this
type of direct sales farm map: how to form a working group; how to identify
and contact farmers; how to estimate distribution and costs; how to get
funding; etc.

So, my question for the list is:  Does anyone know if such "A Guide to
Writing a Direct-Sales Farm Map" already exists?  We are in the process of
outlining our experience of creating a direct-sales farm map, but if every
county or state has already outlined this procedure, then there is little
point in my putting this together for a wide distribution.

Well, I hope this is clear enough, and I apologize to the list for not
clearly stating what we are doing and what I am looking for.

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