PhD Level Agricultural Volunteer Experts Required in Ethiopia

>>**U.S. Agricultural Experts Required**
>>The Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology at the University of
>Arizona is recruiting a team of five volunteers to visit Ethiopia for 8
>weeks beginning June 1 of this year.  The team will be working under the
>auspices of the Farmer-to-Farmer Program administered in Ethiopia by
>Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance (VOCA).  The team is to
>include the following 5 speciality areas:  Agricultural University
>Eucator/Team Leader;  Agricultural Economist;  Animal Science Specialist;
>Agricultural Statistician;  and Plant Science Specialist.
>>Volunteers are preferred who have a PhD with significant field experience.
>They also need to be in excellent health, able to travel extensively under
>rugged rural conditions.  The team will be responsible for the following
>>1.)  Conducting an assessment of agricultural training needs for men and
>women in major food producing areas in Ethiopia;
>>2.)  Developing a general outline of curricula for the Faculty of
>Agriculture at Alemaya University of Agriculture in Ethiopia, based on
>results of the training needs assessment;
>>3.)  Preparing a project proposal for donor funding to improve the
>teaching and research facilities of Alemaya University including upgrading
>of the teaching and research staff.
>>In accordance with the provisions of the Farmer-to-Farmer (FtF) Program,
>no salaries will be offered, but sponsors will cover all trip and project
>related expenses.
>>While the above assignments are priority for us, the project will be
>on-going in Ethiopia and in Eritrea, and we are interested in building up
>our data bank of potential volunteers.  Over the next 5 years, we will need
>experts in sustainable land management, cooperative and agribusiness
>development, watershed and rangeland management, dryland forestry,
>irrigation technology and water catchment systems.  Scopes of work, and
>expected qualifications, will be developed for these specialty areas as
>they are identified by in-country personnel.
>>The FtF Program has been a winner of the Presidential Hunger Award, and
>has a  widespread reputation among members of Capitol Hill, previous
>volunteers, and projects who have received assistance as being a highly
>efficient and cost effective form of foreign assistance.
>>If you are interested or know of someone who may be interested, please
>>Kathleen Mac. Thompson
>>Farmer-to-Farmer Program
>>800 E. University Blvd, Suite 110
>>The University of Arizona
>>Tucson, Arizona  85721
>>Phone:  (520) 622-5546
>>FAX:  (520) 798-3066
>>email:  kathleet@ccit.arizona.edu