Re: How pesticide makers overwhelm EPA (fwd)

Subject: How pesticide makers overwhelm EPA
From: Dan Fagin <fagin@newsday.com>
To: sustag-l@listproc.wsu.edu
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 97 15:15:16 -0400

For those interested in sustainable ag issues:

The journalist-authors of a new book on chemical regulation -- recently 
 descibed on the  New York Times op-ed page as "the story of the triumph 
 of a special interest over the public interest."  -- have established a 
 web page that includes extensive databases and  links to relevant 
 government, industry and environmentalist sites, including many related 
 to pesticides. The book is called "Toxic Deception: How the Chemical 
 Industry Manipulates Science, Bends the Law and Endangers Your Health'' 
 (Birch Lane Press). We welcome your feedback on our site, and on the 
 book itself.


or, if your brower allows it, just click on:

<A HREF="www.essential.org/cpi/studies/toxic/index.html">

Dan Fagin
co-author Toxic Deception