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Resource Pointer #121

April 8, 1997

For copies of the following resources, please contact 
the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.


*Green Means (Television series/video).* KQED Public 
Television. Television series about the environment 
presents brief profiles of people and organizations 
worldwide working to improve environmental health and 
sustainability. Each segment (approximately 5 minutes 
long) features a different topic, including organic 
farming in Cuba; environmental impacts of grass lawns; 
urban organic agriculture; reducing chemical use on golf 
courses; large-scale composting in Kenya; and the impact 
of pesticides on pollinators. Contact your local public 
television station for broadcast times. KQED, 2601 
Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94110; phone (415) 
864-2000; fax (415) 553-2333; email 

*Bug Hotline.* University of California, Davis. 
Telephone information service identifies arthropods and 
answers questions about spiders, ticks, scorpions and 
other bugs and household pests. Does not give pest 
control recommendations. US$3/first minute; US$1/each 
additional minute. Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday-
Friday. Phone (900) 225-BUGS (225-2847).

*Fundamentals of Entomology, Fourth Edition, 1997.* 
Richard Elzinga. Presents introduction to insects, 
including classification, anatomy, biology, ecology and 
behavior. Describes insect pest management with 
biological, cultural, genetic, physical and chemical 
controls. Discusses major features of insect families. 
475 pp. US$87. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ 
07458; phone toll free (800) 922-0579 or (201) 767-5048; 
fax toll free (800) 445-6991. 

-- Directories --

*Organic Agriculture Worldwide: Directory of the Member 
Organizations and Associates of IFOAM, 1996/97.* 
International Federation of Organic Agriculture 
Movements (IFOAM). Lists names and provides contact 
information for organic agriculture organizations in 92 
countries. Lists information by country. 54 pp. 
US$16/DM24. IFOAM General Secretariat, c/o Okozentrum 
Imsbach, D-66636, Tholey-Theley, Germany; phone (49-6) 
853-5190; fax (49-6) 853-30110; email ifoam-

*World Directory of Environmental Organizations, Fifth 
Edition, 1996.* T. Trzyna, E. Margold and J. Osborn, 
eds. Discusses international environmental activism and 
provides listing of environmental organizations, 
including government agencies, NGOs and multilateral 
projects. Presents information according to country, 
region, type of organization and issue. Each entry 
includes contact information and brief summary of 
mission and activities. 263 pp. US$50 in Canada and 
U.S.; US$65 in other countries. International Center for 
the Environment and Public Policy, California Institute 
of Public Affairs, P.O. Box 189040, Sacramento, CA 
95814; phone (916) 442-2472; fax (916) 442-2478; email 
cipa@igc.org; http://www.igc.org/cipa.

We encourage those interested in having resources listed 
in the Online Resource Pointer to send review copies of 
publications, videos or other sources to our office 
(address listed below) or to contact Information Program 
Associate Adam Kirshner for further information.  

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