FQPA and indirect food additives

Hello saneters

Question, I was reading over the FQPA and was curious, it reads that the
FQPA regulates pesticide residues in the food supply only. Does this mean
that any compound that is added like a preservative or a material that
migrates via packaging is regulated by the old legistation i.e. the
Delaney Clause?

The fact sheet I was reading on the FQPA (searched under altavista) is

   FYI Documents from EPA on the Food Quality Protection Act
          The following document was published by the U.S. Environmental
          Protection Agency Auust 1996. This document is not yet
          available on EPA's Web server and...
          http://www.acpa.org/public/headline/fqpaiss.html - size 26K -
          26 Aug 96
          http://www.acpa.org/public/headline/fqpafact.html - size 6K -

It does not mention what I am asking. 

I am curious because I am investigating phthalates which are plasticizers
that can migrate into food from packaging and from processing and occur in
the environment and thus might make their way into animals and fish.


Teige Davidson
Tufts University
School of Nutrition Science & Policy
Agriculture, Food & Environment Program