A while back someone asked about creating a book on developing farm 
trails. The MN Ext.Service has quite a list of material, most notable:

Rural Tourism Dev. Training Guide 1991 330 pages. "A comprehensive 
reference and how-to that includes information on training, 
organization, volunteers, attractions, services, marketing and funding 
Also sold as a package." See below. MI-5668 $30.00

Rural Tourism Dev. Training Guide and Video Package 1991, with case 
studies. EP-5666 $55.00

The list includes 50+ publications.
Fax: 612/625-6281
email: order@dc.mes.umn.edu

Tourism Center, 116 Classroom Office Bldg., 1994 Buford Ave., St. 
Paul, MN 55108   612/624-4947.

Hope this helps someone. Good Luck! Bev