Re: Organic Job Opening

> Kretschmann Farm                                        April 17,1997
> 257 Zeigler Rd.
> Rochester, PA 15074
> (412)452-7189  email kmann@usaor.net
> Dear Sustainable Agriculturists,
>    Could you please post this listing  the appropriate "career
> opportunities" place?  If any
> questions, please contact me.
>     If this type of listing is not compatable with the intent of your
> database, I could also be
> interested in "seasonal" help which might result in someone to fill the
> job listed below a
> year or two down the road.
> Position available:
>    Small and highly diversified certified organic vegetable and fruit
> farm of 20 years needs
> help with production and marketing of fresh produce.  Profitable 60A
> farm near
> Pittsburgh, PA has grown past the ability of owner to keep up alone.
> 275+ subscribers
> (CSA) plus greenhouse and wholesale market keep us (plus 2-3 Mexican
> workers) very
> busy from February through November.  Crops range from nearly any
> vegetable to apples,
> strawberries, and fresh herbs.  Opportunity for hard-working
> individual.  Farm production
> experience desired, but more important is motivation, versitility and
> creativity.  Degree
> preferred.  Nearby free housing is a possibility.  Spanish speaking a
> plus. Salary
> dependent on experience; will be fair.  Would like a multi-year
> commitment.
>    Since beginning, our farm has been farmed strictly organically.  The
> basic, no-shortcuts,
> "farmer's footsteps are the best fetilizer", pay-as-you-go, simpler is
> better, "don't put all
> your eggs in one basket",  farming method is how we've done it.
> Realistic production and
> good marketing have been our forte.  We are committed to sustainable
> organics,
> regionalism, reasonable consumer pricing, efficiency, and
> professionalism.
>    This is a serious entry-level career opportunity.
>    Contact Don at Kretschmann Farm, 257 Zeigler Rd. Rochester, PA.
> 15074        412-
> 452-7189
>                                                       Thanks,
>                                                       Don Kretschmann