Advice Please

Dear Readers:

I have already posted the dates and sites for the North Central Sustainable
Agriculture Training Program workshops.  One session is for state reports on
the Professional Development Programs.  Last year we had discussion circles
with one to three states represented in each.  I always ask the state team
to bring enough copies for the group.  

Several evaluations of the session suggested we have each state use the same
form for the report.  The reason given was to understand more clearly the
similarities and differences.  Do you have any thoughts on free form reports
versus stylized reports?  Do you have suggestions for what to ask for the
stylized version?  Thank you for your help.  Heidi Carter, Education Coordinator

Heidi Carter					E-Mail:  csas007@unlvm.unl.edu
Education Coordinator				Phone:   402-472-0917
Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems
University of Nebraska-Lincoln