Re: Support for BD/sustainable research (fwd)

From: "Geraldo Defune" <pah_gd@wye.ac.uk>
Organization: Wye College, University of London
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 22:06:00 GMT
Subject: Support for BD/sustainable research
CC: g.deffune@wye.ac.uk

Dear friends,

I'd like to ask you for information on possible financial support from any 
funding source, for as I'm beginning to write up my PhD thesis, my sponsor 
is reluctant to mantain the grant till the end of this academic year.

The title of the thesis is: "Allelopathic effects of Biodynamic and 
Organic treatments on yield and quality of wheat and potatoes".

I was awarded a 4 year grant from Sept. 93, with right to a 6 month 
writing up extension, that is risked to be cut down next June. 

I'm looking for alternative support between June and November, 

I'm presently doing my very last sample analyses (Silica, Phosphorus
and True Protein contents) to support the good results I had comparing 
cropping systems in blind treatments with and without the BD 
preparations in both Wheat & Potatoes. 

Rotations with green manures were used for allelopathic effects and weed 
suppression - also with good results. Specific beneficial and detrimental 
influences were identified: Rye has a bad effect on Wheat and vice-versa,
but a good effect on Potatoes; Vetch is good for both.

The final breakthrough is the positive effects of different Silica Sprays 
(in diff. dilutions & interactions with crop species and climatic conditions) 
and the confirmation of Si as an essential nutrient for plants!

Using TWO experimental crops in 4 rotations and 8 field trials increased 
very much the work load and time spent, but proved to be an essential 
part of obtaining significant differences in a holistic approach.

I'm already enduring financial hardship because I didn't receive my March 
maintenance yet. So, I've sent my family (with 3 children) back to Brazil 
as a precaution.

Details on my research and personal history are available on request.

Thank you,

Geraldo DEFFUNE - G.Deffune@wye.ac.uk
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