Dear Colleagues,

        In less than a month, on May 21st, the US government will sponsor
for the first time a National Consultation on Food Security.  This is in
direct response to the World Food Summit held in November 1996.  Each
government pledged to develop a National Action Plan for Food Security.

        In cooperation with a number of non-governmental associations and
business groups including Cheryl Morden of Church World Service/Lutheran
World Relief, Kathy Ozer of the National Family Farm Coalition, Patricia
Young of World Food Day and Zy Weinberg of Public Voice for Food and
Health Policy), much work has gone into organizing a one hour tele-
conference about the Food Summit to be downlinked in several
communities across the country.  This will be followed by local area
workshops addressing domestic and international food security issues.
This is truly an opportunity for all of us to be engaged in developing
our national plan, but it will only be a good as the people who are there
to help write it.  It is a unique opportunity and we must insure that the
process works by having at every site informed and concerned persons
from all sectors of society present and vocal.  Your help is urgently
needed to make sure your constituents are in attendance.  In
addition to whatever information you can get out to your contacts,
please make some targeted phone calls to key policy advocates,
service providers, farmers, nutrition educators, elected representatives,
business leaders, educators, hunger activists, consumers, etc.

        The following is a preliminary list of site locations and contact
persons.  If you can attend or know of people who may be able to do so
and need to be informed, please be in touch with the local site
coordinators.  Resource materials to help in this process will be
available to all participants.

        Thank you.  Linda Elswick

Preliminary List of Site Locations and Contact Persons

Los Angeles, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
Dr. James Weidman, 909 869-2079

University of California, Davis
Karen Berke, 916 754-9550/9548

Seattle (North Puget Sound and South Puget Sound)
Olga Fuste (WSU Cooperative Extension), 206 591-9548

Fort Collins, Colorado, Colorado State University
Marry Denney, 970 491-6793

Houston, Texas Southern University
Dr. Selina Ahmed/Dr. James Sheldrew, 713 313-4294

Minneapolis, University of Minnesota
Carla Carlson, 612 624-5260  (will be May 23rd not 21st)

Ames, Iowa, Iowa State University
Denise Bjelland or Stanley Johnson 515 294-2883

Lincoln, Nebraska, University of Nebraska
Sue Miller, 402 472-2758

Chicago, University of Illinois
Linda Anderson 219 980-6793
Ariani Friedl, 312 996-5455

Columbus, Ohio State University
Angie Stover, 614 341-7700, x 224
Dr. J. Mark Erbaugh, 614 292-7252

Providence, Rhode Island, Brown University
Dr. Ellen Messer, 401 863-2700/2875

Atlanta, Georgia State University
Dr. Mildred Cody, 404 651-1105

Washington, DC, USDA Jefferson Auditorium, 14th and Independence
Chuck Jones, 202 690-1786


The University of Hawaii is considering being a site.  Please contact:
Jack Fujii, College of Agriculture
Tel:  808 974-7393; Email: jfujii@hawaii.edu

Patricia Young, National Coordinator
U.S. National Committee for World Food Day
1001 22nd Street NW
Washington, DC 20437
Tel: 202 653-2404
Fax: 202 653-5760

Linda L. Elswick
Washington Office
World Sustainable Agriculture Association, 2025 I Street, NW#512, WDC, 20006
Phone: 202-293-2155
Fax: 202-293-2209
Email: wsaadc@igc.apc.org
Web Site:  http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/wsaa