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Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 11:33:54 -0500
From: "Terry A. Howell" <tahowell@AG.GOV>
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The Water Management Research Unit of the USDA-ARS Conservation and
Production Research Laboratory at Bushland announces its new newsletter,
the "Wetting Front."  The newsletter is planned as a semi-annual update
about our research program and to foster technology transfer with industry
and the agricultural community and to improve our communication with our
stakeholder and partner agencies.  The "snail mail" version should be going
out late this week or early next week.  If you are interested in a
"hardcopy" subscription, send an e-mail subscription request (include your
name, title, company/agency, department/division, address, city, state, zip
code, country if not USA, and optional information of phone and fax numbers
and your e-mail address) to Mrs. Carole Perryman (mailto:cperryma@ag.gov).
The almost "tree less" electronic version can be read on-line at the URL
http://www.net.usda.gov/cprl/wmru/wfront/wf1-1.htm .

This inaugural issue includes feature articles on "Those Dalhart Lights" by
myself, "Texas  High Plains Irrigation" by me and Jack Musick, and "Where's
the Water?" by Steve Evett.  Other information includes awards and
recognitions, grant news, personnel news, technology transfer news,
publications, and upcoming events and presentations by our research unit

I would also like to alert you to our May 22 Spring Field Day at Bushland
(the program is found at the URL http://www.net.usda.gov/cprl/news.htm ).
You are welcome to come learn more about our research programs and to enjoy
a special day devoted mostly to wheat but with an excellent program of
interest to the agricultural community (not to mention the FREE lunch
sponsored by the Texas Wheat Producers Board).

Thank you.

Terry Howell

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