Kitchen Waste

To the List:

As the season gets under way here I'm trying to figure out how to
encourage shareholders/members to bring their kitchen wastes to the farm
on distribution days as a compost ingredient.  My guess is that people
won't do it if the process is smelly, messy, attractive to ants and

Plastic buckets with lids is one obvious possibility, of course, but in
my experience these tend to get co-opted for other uses, and the lids are
difficult to manage; the "Food Cycler" (TM) bags developed by the Woods
End Research Laboratory for the purpose are rather expensive.

Any other ideas out there?  Do other CSA growers bother with this?

Woody Wodraska--Seeking Common Ground CSA
Honeoye Falls, NY          woodyw@juno.com
"There is no scarcity abiding in Nature;
Any scarcity we see is our own doing."