Full Circle Organic Farm

Your Week's Worth    5/21/97from Full Circle Organic Farm (916) 885-9201

1 lb Mesclun salad 
1 bu Spinach
1 bu Kohlrabi
1 bu  Market Express "baby" turnip 
1 bu Chioggia beets
1 bu  Sparkler radish 
1 lb Sugar Snap peas
1 bu  Epazote (Mexican bean herb)

Sputnik lesson
   The round, green, foreign-looking veggie is kohlrabi.  A member of the
cabbage family, kohlrabi can be eaten raw or cooked.  Remove the leaves and
peel the bulb.  Slice or julienne into salads or use for dipping hummus or
other crudite dips OR steam with beets ( I don't peel Chioggias at their
"baby" stage.) 
  All veggies in the share this week can be  eaten raw or cooked, dipped or
plain, stir-fried or steamed...  Epazote, Mexican bean herb can be dried and
used later.  1 -3 t per pot of beans flavors and de-gasses.
  Sorry, carrots were not quite big enough this week.  Broccoli has baby
heads forming as does the Chinese cabbage.  The strawberries are covered with
blossoms.  All the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, as well as the basils,
are now transplanted and starting to grow.   The summer  squash and cucumbers
will be transplanted by the end of the week.  Our potato patch has suffered
another setback -- blight.  We are treating this fungal infection with
horsetail tea, an old biodynamic remedy, Ask the Goddess to smile on us,
  On a personal note, your farmers have been married 14 years today.  Lee
Hendrickson is the only person in the world who could put up with me that
long -- thanks, dear!