In praise of consumption -Reply

It's always a pleasure to read a posting that echoes one's own thoughts.
Thank you for bringing out the complexities of the question--after
spending a couple of years "inside the beltway" and then going back to
my idyllic Vermont homestead, I have a better perspective on what
"reality" means for the rest of North America.  It is ohsoeasy to slip into
putting down others' tastes and desires, but a few folks feeling superior
can never create social change.  Whatever gets that harried suburbanite
to think about where food comes from and how it gets to the local
Safeway is all to the good.  If some kid's first experience of organic food
comes via a twinkie--something safe and familiar--maybe it's not a totally
evil concept.

Okay, back to work...

Grace Gershuny
USDA National Organic Program