Sustainable Ag. Opportunities

Hello Erin,

The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, National Agricultural
Library, publishes an annual directory called "Educational and Training
Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture". It does list all kinds of
programs, from internships and summer jobs to university programs.  There
are about 400 listings in the last edition (9th, Dec. 1996); each
entry gives a brief description of the program and contact information.
Although most programs listed are U.S., there are some international
programs included as well. 

The directory is available under "AFSIC Publications" on the AFSIC homepage,
http://www.nal.usda.gov/afsic. A hardcopy version is available free of 
charge from the center.  Please let me know if we may send you a copy.

Mary V. Gold, Assistant Coordinator
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
National Agricultural Library, ARS, USDA
10301 Baltimore Ave., Room 304
Beltsville MD 20705-2351
phone 301-504-6559
fax 301-504-6409
e-mail mgold@nal.usda.gov

On Thu, 15 May 1997, Erin Reiko Haramoto wrote:

> sanneters,
> Is anyone aware of a comprehensive listing of sustainable agriculture
> opportunities on the internet?
> By "opportunities" I mean research assistant positions, farm hand
> positions on alternative farms, and other jobs to get a feel for the field
> (no pun intended).  
> I've found lots of listings for estuarine/marine jobs through the Sea
> Grant pages but haven't had similar luck with the Land Grant pages.
> I'd appreciate any suggestions...
> Erin Haramoto