Re: Famous people who eat organic

Hi Patricia,
    Actually I support your comments virtually 100%.  
This is *exactly* the point I was trying to make in 
our recent conversation about GE. 

(Lotsa good stuff snipped). 

 > If our goal is to support less-toxic ag, 

   My goal is sustainable agriculture, which is
related but not exactly the same. I think that
disagreements often arise because people 
*assume* they have the same goals, but don't.
How many other goals are there out there?

 >Rather, isn't getting up the mountain the 
primary goal, even if different
folks find different ways there...?

If climbing Everest means a mountainside of 
empty oxygen canisters, I'm not so sure. ;-)
If celebrities let other people get to the
top of the mountain, would they be celebrities?

>I think it's to our benefit to be open to a variety 
of (reasonable)approaches to reaching people to make that choice.... 

    Of course. Just one reservation (or two).  Is the
best way to get out of a problem is to use the
same behaviour that got us into it? Is debate
of tactics wrong? When we use the wrong means
to get to the right end, have we really gained
anything at all?
     I note that Thomas Wittman didn't say *what*
he was going to use the information for in his
original request, so this whole debate is 
based on assumptions from the beginning. ;-)
>Well, those are my thoughts anyway. Hope you find them useful...

    As always. In fact, I'm saving them in case we
need them in the future. :-) 

   I think it's important for people to say
so if they feel "squelched". People shouldn't
be squelched, but I don't see the fair debate
of ideas as off limits. What do *you* think,
Thomas Wittman?


>Best regards -
>Patricia Dines

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