permaculture weblink

To all sustainable webmasters:

On behalf of the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, 
please accept my request to trade links with
our site at


The IIEA is dedicated to restoring global health by providing
research, education and implementation of socially just, ecological, and 
resource-conserving forms of agriculture; the basis of all sustainable 
societies. We will be offering info specifically for academic 
institutions interested in permaculture.

The IIEA is sponsoring the Permaculture Design Course with Bill
Mollison and Scott Pittman in Northern California July 14-25. This is 
the only class remaining with Bill Mollison in the Northern Hemisphere 
in 1997 and perhaps the last, due to Bill's retirement.

Please contact me with the website you want linked and where you will 
link us, and I will forward your positive response to our webmaster. 
Thank you.



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