Community food security conference announcement


The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) will be holding its first
conference and annual meeting in Los Angeles, CA on October 24-26, 1997, on
the UCLA campus. An estimated 200-300 activists and academics from across the
country  working in a variety of fields related to food, nutrition, community
development, and agriculture are expected to attend. The conference will
explore the pathways toward building community-based food systems that
protect the environment and ensure access to safe, affordable, and nutritious
food for all persons. 

While the conference is designed to promote engaging discussion on many of
the pressing issues of the day, it will be focused toward the practical tasks
necessary to  solidify recent gains of the emerging national food security

Who:  The CFS Coalition is a national alliance of 300 individual and
organizational members whose mission is to promote comprehensive solutions to
the nation's food and farming problems. Founded in 1994, the CFS Coalition
counts among its primary achievements the passage of the Community Food
Projects Program, establishing within USDA a grants program for local
projects that help meet the food needs of low income communities while
encouraging self-reliance and food systems- oriented planning. 
Friday October 24
Morning: Half day Urban Agriculture and Food Access Field Trips 
Afternoon: Half Day Short Courses on Program Planning and Evaluation;
    Entrepreneurship and Community Economic Development; and Coalition

Saturday, October 25 
What is Community Food Security Forum
Workshops on Innovative Emergency Food Banking Programs; Federal and Local
Policy Initiatives; Entreprenurial Projects in Low Income Communities; Food
Access; Rural/urban linkages; Healthy Cities/ Healthy Food.
Forum on Community Food Projects Program

Sunday, October 26
Annual Meeting-- Election of Board of Directors; approval of by-laws;
discussion on major policy topics and passage of resolutions; regional
chapter exploratory meetings

Where:  Los Angeles, CA on UCLA campus
When:  Friday October 24 - Sunday October 26
Cost:  $95/$130 members/non-members. Short courses  ($25/$30); Field trips
Who Should Attend: Anti-hunger advocates, food bankers and emergency food
providers, community gardeners, farmers, farmers' market managers, CSA
farmers and supporters, community development specialists, sustainable and
organic agriculture activists, nutritionists, dietitians, public health
experts, academics, planners, and anyone else interested in the intersection
between food, agriculture, health, and community development.

For more information: Andy Fisher, CFS Coalition, 310-822-5410, or e-mail